Our Bootcamp

Kick-start your fitness or re-energise your exercise routine with our 6 week Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp is a series of fun, challenging group sessions, designed to deliver whole body results. Each session is different and combines running, bodyweight exercises, kettlebells and cardio training.

You will work hard and feel the difference, helping you to lose weight, tone up and get fit.


The 6 week programme comprises 14 sessions. Starting with 2 sessions per week, we move to 3 sessions per week as your fitness increases. You can choose between a 6am or 8pm group.


Weeks 1-4: Monday and Friday, 6am or 8pm

Weeks 5-6: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6am or 8pm.

New Bootcamp groups start every 2-4 weeks. Please contact us for the next group.


The 6 week programme of 14 classes costs £60.

Is it for me?

Yes! Bootcamp is suitable for all fitness levels and sessions are adapted to suit your needs – including for beginners.

Always check with a doctor before starting exercise after illness or a long gap from exercise.