Our qualified instructors combine the best of boxing, cardio and strength training to offer a variety of classes to suit all abilities. Our kids club is great fun for your little ones, too.



Boxfit: Our most popular boxing class, Boxfit combines cardio, strength and boxing techniques. You work in pairs and each box and pad in alternate rounds. We mix up the focus on speed, strength and technique, and include a short abs blast to strengthen your core.

Combo: Similar to Boxfit, Combo focuses on different combinations of boxing moves. A higher tempo class, this will really get the heart pumping.

Cardio Power Bags: You swap the pads for the bags and practice your boxing techniques on the bags. This is a great simulation for boxing in the ring, and if you want to go one step further, we use the body belt for an even more real-life boxing experience.



Weights and Abs: A slower-tempo circuit focusing on strength training and core work. We alternate 1 minute weights and abs rounds to work different muscle groups. This class uses body weight exercises as well as dumbbells, kettlebells, a bar bell and sand bags to bring new elements to your weight training.

Strength and Conditioning: This class tones the arms and legs through a circuit of bodyweight and equipment exercises, delivering results that resistance weights machines just can’t. You push, pull, lift and squat – at your pace and to your level.



HIIT: Our high-intensity interval training gives you a better cardio workout in less time. You work hard in intense bursts of activity for 20-30 seconds with a brief recovery time in between to kick your metabolism into overdrive.

Circuits: A classic circuit that changes each week, this is an all over body workout for your upper body, legs and core. You work for 1 minute on each exercise in 10 stations around the room, and finish on a blast of all 10 to improve your endurance and stamina.

Cardio Kettlebells (30 minutes):  This high intensity kettlebell class gets you sweating like no other. Swing, squat and lunge your way to all over body strength, you’ll be surprised at how you work more than just your arms. If you are short on time but want maximum results, this is the class for you.

Mega Mix: With Mega Mix you never know what you’re going to get, meaning you’ll challenge your body in new ways each time. Each week we pick the best exercises from all our classes that week and combine them into one. Different every session, this class will shake up your normal exercise routine, keep you on your toes and push you further.

Pedal and Power: We put a new spin on spinning, combining 5 minute spinning blasts with different strength exercises for the arms and abs. You will have a great cardio workout and also use those upper body muscles, so the calories keep burning after the legs stop spinning.


Kids Club

We hold a Saturday morning kids club that is a fun new way for your kids to stay active. We alternate the activities to make sure they don’t get bored, rotating one week focusing on boxing techniques with one week of cardio and fitness. The class is suitable for kids between 4 and 10 years, is a great confidence builder and is enjoyed by all.